by Diana...

Do you know the first impression you make happens in the first 30 seconds?

With the challenging lives we lead, you have to distinguish yourself from others. Your appearance, behavior and communication skills work together to build your image.

MODEVIE we offer the right consultation for you, tailored to your needs, whether you are an employee, a business owner, a job seeker or you are simply looking for a change.

We offer our image consulting services to individuals, small groups and corporations. We work on your overall appearance, ranging from color analysis, body assessment, skin care and make-up, to grooming and bridal consulting. Because your image is not only about your look, we empower your behavior with verbal and non-verbal communication practices, as well as dining and business etiquette techniques. Our mission is to help you STAND OUT!

Your agenda is always marked and barely have time to grab a snack on your way? You are invited to a special occasion and you don't have time to shop for it yourself? You have to buy a gift and you don't know from where to start, or are you tight on the budget?

We are here to help you! Our personal shopping service will take the hassle away from you.
You will never need to worry about standing in long line-ups and running from one store to another again. You will receive what you asked for, delivered to your door.


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